Maggie Rogers posters that were sold at her shows in London, Melbourne, Sydney, LA and New York City. Summer 2017.

Illustrated poster for the lawns of those who donate their property to grow vegetables in exchange for a CSA membership. City Beet Farm is an urban farm in Vancouver, BC.

The Prouts Neck Art Show is a biennial art show that takes place during the summer in Scarborough, Maine.

A poster designed for the creative home goods & craft shop Ventana Creative Collective in Martinborough, New Zealand.

New Money is a TV Show written, directed and edited by Frida Perez. It is a political satire about a small nation becoming an international superpower overnight.


A selection of photos I have recently taken.


Stop motion animation all made by hand, watch the full animation here.


Make your own Mondrian with this web toy!

Shape the appearance of a strange web form over time based on your answers to its mysterious questions.

These are examples of some more web experiments.


A weekend activity information pamphlet with an illustrated map of the area for an upcoming wedding.

This is an article I found on the net, it is from 1994 and I really loved stickers growing up. Read it here.

Some of these layout examples are from when I worked as a design editor at the College Hill Independent, a weekly college newspaper published by students at Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design.


Marigold is a playful text face, originally designed for use in Louise Fitshugh's series Harriet the Spy.


Mural I painted of flowers at Lonely Mountain Farm in Watsonville, California ~ not conceptual, just flowers.

A series of four paintings. 8x8" acrylic on wood panel.

This was a semester long project which includes a series of small experiments based around identity and what that means in this wild and crazy 21st century. All of the experiments are presented in a video log parody. Is it a parody?
Watch the video here.

Vinyl stickers made for animal fun! These were free giveaways at the RISD graphic design senior show with help from Will Urmston.

An illustration for Montreal's 375th anniversary featuring some of the city's most iconic structures. From left to right: the Olympic Stadium, the Biosphere, Saint Joseph's Oratory and the Jacques Cartier Bridge.

Tidbit is a speculative virtual pet app that has a big appetite for your personal information. In collaboration with Valerie Nelson and Arnon Karnkaeng, we mocked up the app, made fun illustrations, created a promo video and built a promotional website all within an eerily amusing brand. Visit the site here.


Alexa is a designer/ environmentalist/ feminist who holds a BFA in Graphic Design from Rhode Island School of Design. She enjoys working with people and making fun things! Smart and interesting things too, all kinds of things. Currently particularly interested in any freelance opportunity life will throw at her. This is her email & instagram.